Who We Are
“A civilization begins to manifest itself when men and women have begun to take thought about what it is they construct and how and to what end. It begins to be a living whole when the idea of beauty has found its place alongside the pressure of utility and the spur of need,”
-August Heckscher.
Living Design Studios, inc
Architectural and Ornamental Metalsmiths.
About Us
Founded in 1994 by Jessica Adams, Living Design Studios is a team of artisans designing and fabricating custom architectural and ornamental metalwork. Our work can be found in the finest homes in Aspen, celebrated civic spaces in Denver, and the luxurious showrooms of retailers on Rodeo Boulevard. We provide a broad range of products including staircases, railings, fireplaces, doors, gates, fences, range hoods and sculpture. With the experience and expertise to work with brass, bronze, copper, steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and zinc, Living Design delivers innovative and imaginative finished products that time and again exceed artistic expectations.

Pre Construction - Estimates, Constructability Reviews,Design Intent/Value Engineering Consultations, Specification Recommendations
Design - Artistic and Architectural Design Concepts, Taking ArchitecturalConcepts to Full Shop Drawings, BIM and DWG interface, 3D modeling in Rhino,Finish Samples and Mock Ups; Fabrication - Waterjet cutting, Milling,Decorative Soldering, Brazing, TIG welding, MIG welding, Structural Welding,Blacksmithing by hand and with a pneumatic 75 pound hammer, Embossing, Etching,Braking, bending, rolling and forming, Drilling and tapping, All forms ofdecorative and contemporary detailing
Finishes - 20 standard patinas, Custom patinas, #4 lineargrain and mirror polish, Dyed Lacquer, Clear coats, Wet paints, Outsourcing ofgalvanizing, Outsourcing of powder coating; Installation - Field Measurements,Glass panels, Field Welding, Lift/Crane work, Onsite touch up of finishes
Maintenance - Regularly scheduled onsite maintenance of delicate or livingfinishes
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ChaseBank Mission Main Street Grant Recipient
NOMMA Awards (2014 & 2015)
GoldLevel Green Business Award from Lafayette Chamber of Commerce: 2014 and 2015

Steel, Aluminum and Stainless steel

Hispanic Contractors of Colorado Member
National Ornamental and Misc Metals Assoc Member
LafayetteChamber of Commerce Member
Denver’s Construction Empowerment Initiative Participant
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Alumni
HealthyHard Hats Award maker
Institute of Classical Architecture and Art